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Care & wash instructions

To ensure that your outdoor clothing from WESTFJORD retains its function and quality, please observe the following washing instructions:
  1. Temperature: Wash your clothes at a maximum of 30 degrees so that the technical properties are not impaired.
  2. Hand wash or delicate cycle: If possible, wash the clothes by hand. Otherwise, use a delicate cycle in the machine to extend the life of the clothing. 
  3. Turn inside out: Turn your clothes inside out before washing to protect the surface and prolong their life.
  4. Stain removal: Treat stains before washing. Use a mild stain remover and check the washing instructions for the material.
  5. Wash separately: Wash your outdoor clothing separately from heavily soiled or fluffy clothing to prevent damage.
  6. Zippers and Velcro fasteners: Close all zippers and Velcro fasteners to prevent them from getting caught in other items of clothing during washing and damaging them.
  7. Detergent: Use a special detergent tailored to your product. Avoid fabric softeners, as these impair the water-repellent properties of the materials and clog the pores of waterproof membranes.
  8. Drying: Air dry your clothes. Too much heat can damage the materials and impair the water-repellent properties.
  9. Waterproofing: The water-repellent coating can fade after several washes. Use a waterproofing PFC-free spray to refresh the water-repellent properties of your clothing.

If you follow these washing instructions, you can ensure that your outdoor clothing from WESTFJORD retains its performance and provides you with optimum protection during your adventures in the great outdoors.

The following materials require special care:


To clean your clothes if they are superficially dirty, you can usually wash them under running water or rub them with a soft, damp cloth. If washing in the washing machine is necessary, please note the following instructions: For the gentlest possible wash cycle, close all zippers and press studs and turn the garment inside out. For 3in1 jackets, the inner and outer jackets must be separated. Select the 30° C gentle wash cycle on your machine and a special detergent for sports and functional clothing. Do not use impregnating agents or fabric softener, as these may clog the breathable membrane of the garment. Do not use the tumble dryer. For waterproofing, use a PFC-free spray, after every fifth wash.

Softshell jackets


Down is a natural product and requires special care to maintain its fluffiness and therefore its thermal performance. In general, you should wash down jackets as little as possible, as the down is subjected to a lot of stress in the washing machine and can break. There is also a risk of the down clumping together due to improper washing. For superficial soiling, it is usually sufficient to wipe the garment with a soft, damp cloth or wash it under running water. If machine washing is necessary, please follow the instructions below: Wash the jacket on a gentle cycle at 30°C with hair shampoo (without silicones or oils) or special down detergent. Do not use washing impregnator or fabric softener, as these products may clog the breathable membrane of the garment and cause the down to stick together. It is advisable to carry out a second rinse and spin cycle to remove all detergent residues. Then dry the jacket in the gentle cycle of the dryer with three to four tennis balls or place it on the drying rack and shake it regularly. The jacket should not be dried in direct sunlight as this can damage the down. This careful treatment ensures that the down regains its full volume after washing and retains its desired thermal performance.

Clothing made of wool or with wool content

Wool is a natural fiber with special properties that require special care. In general, clothing made from pure wool should be washed less frequently, as wool neutralizes odours and repels dirt. In most cases, it is sufficient to air the garments to make them "fresh" again. However, if washing is necessary, please follow these instructions: If clothes made of wool or with wool content are washed incorrectly, they can become matted or shrink. Therefore, only wash wool by hand with a special wool detergent or in the wool cycle of the machine. Ideally, use a washing net to protect the fine knitwear. The water temperature should not exceed 30° C. Do not leave the garments to soak for a long time, do not rub them or wring them out, but gently squeeze out the water after hand washing. After washing, it is advisable to carefully pull the garments into shape. Avoid using the tumble dryer and instead leave the garments to dry slowly on a towel on the drying rack.

Merino shirts


Never put shoes in the washing machine or tumble dryer! Use a brush to remove dirt and deposits from the surface and a mild detergent to treat stubborn stains. You can renew the waterproofing of your shoes again and again with a PFC-free waterproofing spray.


Please understand that we cannot accept any liability for damage caused to the products due to improper care.